KMO 2009

‘When your fear touches someone’s pain, it becomes pity. When your love touches someone’s pain, it becomes compassion.’

- Stephen Levine

KICK MALARIA OUT (KMO) is a project of Volunteer Partnerships for West Africa (VPWA), a development oriented NGO based in Ghana which aims to promote better life opportunities for people in under-privileged communities through better education, health, sanitation and sustainable development.
KMO is an annual month-long project designed to create much-needed awareness on:

(1) the rate at which Malaria is killing the West African population, especially children and pregnant women and

(2) measures to prevent and eradicate, if not minimize, the Malaria disease within the community with a special emphasis on educating the population on the need to avoid creating breeding grounds for mosquitoes

The maiden Campaign KMO will run from October 20 2009 thru November 18,  2009 with an outreach by VPWA volunteers for first two weeks to five regions of Ghana, while our implementing partners in other west African countries including Ivory Coast,Liberia,Togo,Benin and Nigeria also organize such awareness events.

Campaign KMO in Ghana will work with Volunteers from all over the world, including medical professionals, students, educators, PR/Communication Specialists and various professions.  Volunteers will tour five regions of Ghana conducting workshops, distributing educational materials, speaking to the media and spreading the education to the people of Ghana.

What will KMO 2009 Volunteers do? 

·       Conduct community workshops on Malaria by disseminating people-friendly statistical information on the spread of Malaria and providing preventative measures to prevent being infected by the disease

·       Conduct clean-up training exercises designed to show communities how to prevent and clear water stagnation which is the breeding source of mosquitoes and caused by a) uneven floor b) clogged drains c) poor gradient of gutters and drains. e) rain accumulation f) overflows g) leakages from pipes h) roof gutters chocked with leaves or silt i) misalignment of rainwater downpipes with elbow joint, resulting in blockages and j) Collected water in discarded receptacles


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